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​​"Julia Twenty" Who and the Musical Banquet

May 8  Hsinchu County Cultural Bureau Auditorium

For tickets, please contact 03-667-3451


Piano|Feng Ping, Chen Yunan, Bai Shangen

Violin|Ou Zhiyu, Huang Yonghan

Vocals|Weng Zhiting, Luo Xinru

Flute|Li Yonghan

Juilliard Chamber Orchestra

Track :

Capustin: Variations, Op. 41 Shake: Soaring in the Sky Sarassate: Song of the Wanderers Verdi: "My dear, we are about to leave Paris" from the opera La Traviata
Mozart: "Let's Hold Hands" from the opera "Don Giovanni"
Tchaikovsky/Feinberg: Scherzo from "Symphony No. 6"
Liszt: Bell

Chopin: Ballade No. 1 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto, 1st movement



Piano|Feng Ping

PhD in Piano Performance from the University of Minnesota

MA in Piano at Mannes College of Music, New York, USA

First Prize in the Schubert Piano Competition and the American Piano and Strings Competition

The Minnesota Pacific Times called it "perfect in music"

A pianist who presents the spirit of Liszt's music"

He has performed in major concert halls in the United States such as Carnegie Hall,

United Nations, Sao Paulo Music Performance Center, Aspen Weiler Opera Center, etc.

The U.S. government awarded him the status of "Outstanding Artistic Talent".


Piano|Chen Yunan

Johns Hopkins Pipa Place Pianist Diploma

Often invited to perform such as the Taiwan American Charity Education Association concerts, ICBC Taiwan

Embankment Star Piano Recital, Taiwan Night at Washington Taiwan Cultural Center,

Steinway Young Musician Beethoven Complete Collection of 32 Piano Sonatas Concert, etc.

Playing footprints all over the United States, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places

Worked with the American violinist Zeng Gengyuan to record a CD album

Often collaborates with well-known musicians such as Su Xianda, Deng Jilong , Li Ji, etc.

In addition to performances, he also actively participates in social care and charity performances


Piano|Bai Shanen

Demonstrated musical talent since childhood

At the age of five, he has been learning the piano with Zheng Yuanren, a pianist who studied in the United States.

In March 2020, at the age of 11, he will hold a recital at the National Concert Hall

The First Prize of the International Youth Piano Competition in Astana, Kazakhstan

Opening performance of Biaco Prodigy Music Festival in Italy

Invited to perform at the Russian Music International Piano Competition Awards Concert

Mozart Concerto No. 23 at Perugia Festival, Italy

Participation and performances in Japan, the United States, Italy, Russia, China, Kazakhstan


Violin|Ou Zhiyu

Violin at the Vienna State University of Music and Arts ​​

Diploma of the highest violin performer at the Vienna State University of Music and Arts

Received the Austrian Government Outstanding Talent Scholarship during his stay in Europe

Assistant Principal Second Violin of the Tonkuenstler Orchestra Vienna

Invited to perform at Wien Modern, Lange Nacht der Musik, Beijing Modern Music Festival and Shanghai Music Festival, and invited by European contemporary composers: Shi Jie, Johannes Maria Staud, Anders Eliasson, Johannes Kretz and others to premiere and record their works


Violin|Wong Wing Han

Highest Performer Diploma, Royal College of Music, University of London, UK

Diploma in Violin Teacher Diploma, Royal College of Music, University of London, UK

Invited and interviewed by the BBC, recorded for the Millennium

A series of violin repertoire, played in all Asian countries

Selected to participate in one of the top international violin devil training camps, the first from the Republic of China to participate in the Israeli violin intensive master class

Study the music psychology course of the highest institute of education (IOE) in the UK,

Committed to promoting the combination of mind and music teaching so far.


Tenor|Weng Zhiting

M.A. in Vocal Music, Vancouver Conservatory of Music

Rich performance experience, including the tenor of the drama "Elijah" and "Messiah", the jester of the opera "Sleeping Beauty", the prince of the opera "The Magic Flute", and the Ricardo of the opera "The Triumph of Glory", etc. , and was invited to perform at the National Day Ceremony, the inauguration of the President, the State Banquet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Taroko Gorge Music Festival.

Currently, he is teaching in the Department of Chinese and Western Music and Performing Arts at the private Huagang Art School, the Department of Musicology at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and the voice instructor of the Choir attached to the Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra. He is also the assistant conductor of the Chanson Symphony Orchestra.


Soprano|Luo Xinru

Highest Diploma in Vocal Music of the Conservatory of Brescia, Italy

In 2021, won the "Golden Voice" Gold Award and the Best Skill Award in the International Vocal Competition

Second place in the Madrid International Vocal Competition in Spain

2nd place in the Geneva Vocal Competition in Switzerland

As the soprano of many operas such as "The Bohemian", "The Marriage of Figaro"

"The Harlequin", "The Hoffman Story", "Falstaff", etc.

Now in the music class of Taipei Municipal Fuxing High School, Daan, Chung Cheng, Banqiao community

University as a vocal music teacher; in Gengxin Health Management College as a music teacher.


Flute|Li Yonghan

PhD in flute performance from the University of Minnesota

Performances have been performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, Lincoln Center in New York, Loewe Theatre in New York City, Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Hong Kong Cultural Center, National Two Halls, and Taichung National Opera House.

Selected as the performer of the "Weekend Concert Series" of Taipei Shifang Music Collection, the soloist of the Bach New Sound Concert of the Yinqi Culture and Art Foundation, and represented Taiwanese performers at the "Hear Taiwan - Hearing Taiwan" organized by the North American Taiwan Online Library "The Musical Journey of Taiwan's Centennial Composers" concert.

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