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Musical instrument rental and repair

Instrument Rental

Instruments available for rent and sale: piano, string instruments, wind instruments.

Does your violin need to be fixed? Having issues keeping up with the maintenance of your instrument? Having trouble getting your instrument to sound its best? We can provide the most professional service and advice!

Instrument        Fees (monthly rent + deposit)


Piano............Monthly rent: starting at 800 NTD      deposit: starting at 35,000 NTD

Violin........Monthly rent: starting at 300 NTD     deposit: starting at 3000 NTD

Cello........Monthly Rent: starting at 600 NTD     deposit: starting at 8000 NTD

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Dunnan School Address|No. 8, Lane 270, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City (next to Fuxing Elementary School) Tel|(02) 2781-7727

Xinyi School Address|1st Floor, No. 176, Songde Road, Taipei City (beside Bo Aiguo Primary School) Tel|(02) 8789-5606

Zhubei School|No. 2, Section 1, Fuxing 3rd Road, Zhubei City (next to Liujia Elementary School) Tel|(03)667-3451

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