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Julia Music is happy to assist in concert-related administration, subsidies, publicities, etc., so that musicians can focus on their performances. Because we are such a big community of students and parents, every word of each performance quickly gets around!



Learning music not only aids in developing the balance between the left and right brain, but also nurtures patience, attentiveness, focus, and many other important aspects of growth. Regardless whether it’s learning music to perform on a concert stage, or learning music as an extracurricular activity, Julia Music will help your child develop valuable, life-long skills!

♥  Student Showcases

  Performance Preparation

♥  Consult for musical studies domestically and abroad

  Event Planning and Hosting

Julia Music assists communities by hosting performances, providing activities, lectures, or related promotional events for institutions, schools, etc. with accessibility and affordability in mind.

At Julia Music, we provide professional teachers, meticulous course planning, domestic and international opportunities, and further studies to allow students to enjoy the edification of music and build their skills!

julia music art teaching system  

Dunnan School Address|No. 8, Lane 270, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City  (Next to Fuxing Elementary School) TEL|(02) 2781-7727

Xinyi School Address|1st Floor, No. 176, Songde Road, Taipei City (beside Bo Aiguo Primary School) Tel|(02) 8789-5606

Zhubei School|No. 2, Section 1, Fuxing 3rd Road, Zhubei City (next to Liujia Elementary School) Tel|(03)667-3451

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