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Educational Philosophy

Julia music art

A place to nurture musicians!

Music is a language without borders.

Music is a bridge of communication.

Music is the key that touches your heart.

Music is the best way to cultivate one's temperament and enrich one's self-cultivation.

Learning music can stimulate the function of the brain, inspire creativity and imagination, improve concentration and memory, and make children smarter.

Through the edification of music, beauty and temperament can be cultivated. Learning musical instruments can express emotions, cultivate patience and emotional management.

Learning music is a global trend. Possessing musical literacy is the first step in connecting with the world, and it is also the basic element of becoming an international person. You don't have to be a musician to learn music, but you must have an appreciation for music. With Juilliard's orthodox music teaching, no matter from the age of 3 to 80 years old, you can enter the beautiful field of music through the learning of musical instruments.

Julia music art

Dunnan School |No. 20, Lane 270, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City (next to Fuxing Elementary) Tel|(02) 2781-7727

Xinyi School |1st Floor, No. 176, Songde Road, Taipei City (next to Bo Ai Elementary) Tel|(02) 8789-5606

Zhubei School |No. 2, Section 1, Fuxing 3rd Road, Zhubei City (next to Liujia Elementary) Tel|(03)667-3451

Music on this website is recorded by the Julia Chamber Orchestra

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