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Teaching Features

Julia Music was established by Professor Ji, who pursued her Doctorate of Music in the United States. Due to the lack of formal music schools with legal registration, reputable teachers, and comfortable classroom environments in Taipei, Professor Ji had a vision. Determined to create a music school that embodies professionalism and artistic inspiration, Professor Ji fulfilled her vision in 2001 with the establishment of Julia Music. At Julia Music, our mission is to always provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for students. When students come to Julia Music, they are guaranteed to experience passionate, professional teachers, meticulous staff members, and the most comfortable classroom environment. Through decades of exceptional service, Julia Music has become a center for nurturing musicians for these specific reasons:

⊙Professional one-on-one teaching: We have the most orthodox one-on-one teaching, allowing students to start from the basics and develop solid foundations.


⊙A strictly screened, exceptional group of instructors: In addition to strictly selecting talented and experienced teachers, we make sure each teacher at Julia Music is deeply caring and patient. Whether it is one-on-one individual classes, advanced classes, or group classes, we will tailor the most suitable teacher for each student. >> Please browse Julia's faculty to learn more about our instructors.


⊙The country's first real-time online teaching system: All students' classes can be seen in real time through the online teaching system, which allows you to observe your child's progress without disturbing lessons.


⊙Teaching with communication: Our teaching method emphasizes step-by-step learning in order for students to make progress efficiently. This is achieved through the active and regular communication between you and your child’s instructor.

⊙Detailed "Progress Profile”: At Julia, we carefully create a "Progress Profile" for each student, recording the student's learning and musical progress in detail, so that students and parents can keep up with their learning and celebrate their achievements!

⊙Comfortable and elegant environment: Our schools are designed for students to learn in an artistic atmosphere, allowing them to indulge and wandering through the joy of music. >> Please browse Julia's classrooms for more

⊙ Regular showcases: Through music performances, students are able to enrich their musical journeys, accumulate stage confidence, and build their sense of achievements. >> Please browse Julia's Performances to learn more.


⊙Practice free of charge: All piano students at Julia may rent classrooms to practice free of charge. There is no need for new piano students to buy their instruments in a haste!

Julia music arts

Dunnan School |No. 20, Lane 270, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Taipei City (next to Fuxing Elementary) Tel|(02) 2781-7727

Xinyi School |1st Floor, No. 176, Songde Road, Taipei City (next to Bo Ai Elementary) Tel|(02) 8789-5606

Zhubei School |No. 2, Section 1, Fuxing 3rd Road, Zhubei City (next to Liujia Elementary) Tel|(03)667-3451

Music on this website is recorded by the Julia Chamber Orchestra

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